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  • #313 She’s Ready To Take Her Energy To A Higher Level But How Does She Do That?

#313 She’s Ready To Take Her Energy To A Higher Level But How Does She Do That?


This caller is ready to make some big radical transformations in her life, meaning she wants to take her vibration to a place where nothing outside of herself bothers her, and energetically speaking, she’s an open book. As an LOA teacher herself, she knows enough about the process of the Law Of Attraction to know that removing all of her negative emotions isn’t what this is about; it’s more about going deeper within herself and becoming more expanded. Although her reality is in a good place right now, she’s still wants the freedom and the peace of not being attached to what happens next; but to just let it unfold naturally.

What does a radical transformation actually mean to her? Why is she feeling this need to raise her vibration to a much higher level? How can she put herself into a place of receiving the freedom and the peace she wants?

This call is for advanced LOA students/practitioners, who are interested in learning why we can become restless when our reality is already in a good place, but we have a desire to go deeper with this stuff.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is leveling up in a big way and she’s ready to go deeper into this LOA work.
  • She’s looking to get into an energy space where she can experience a bigger, more radical transformation.
  • What does radical transformation mean to her?
  • Why is she wanting to experience such a dramatic change?
  • How can going from a 3D to 5D reality affect our energy?
  • How can we work with our negative emotion?
  • Why are we afraid to see our own light?
  • Why does resistance show itself when we’re leveling up?
  • How can we recognize when there’s something within us that needs to be addressed?
  • How can she put herself into a place of receiving?
  • Should personal development include lots of routines for conscious engagement?
  • As a coach how can you pick up on someone’s energy?
  • How can we stop wanting to control how our manifestations will unfold?