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  • #315 She Wants To Improve Her Health To Make Her Business A Success

#315 She Wants To Improve Her Health To Make Her Business A Success


This caller has been burnt out twice in the past 6 years due to stress, and both times it took 1.5 years for her to recover. She is still suffering from health issues which are manifesting mostly as fatigue, a lack of energy, and pain in her arm which has affected her current job as an Architect. Basically, she’s now sick of being sick; and working as an Architect (which she doesn’t enjoy doing anymore). She recently started up her own business and she needs to have more energy to make it a success. During the call it became evident that she has some self-esteem concerns around her current job and also a fear of not attracting clients to her own business.

What caused this caller to burnout twice? What’s going on energetically that’s making her feel tired and have physical pain? Is her vibration around her current job contributing to her physical symptoms? And, are her emotional issues, about her own self worth as a business owner, causing her to manifest these symptoms? If she finds a way to release her fears will she attract the clients she wants, and will her physical pain go away?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re suffering with physical health issues, and you want to find an energetic solution to them.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has gone through burnout twice in the last 6 years due to stress.
  • She started her own business and wants to be healthy to make it a success.
  • What is happening in her life that creates so much stress?
  • What do our current manifestations tell us?
  • Can she draw on the positive feedback that she’s been getting?
  • How can energy not flowing show up physically?
  • How can she align her energy with the reality she wants?
  • Is her current job lowering her vibration?
  • How can she attract customers to her business?
  • How can she energetically manifest her ideal customer?
  • Will being kinder to herself help to improve her health?
  • What happens when we give ourselves permission to do what we want to do?