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  • #316 How Can She Manifest More Money To Continue Traveling?

#316 How Can She Manifest More Money To Continue Traveling?


This caller manifested enough money to quit her job and go traveling long term with her boyfriend. Everything is going great; except now that she’s been traveling for some time her fears are beginning to surface about whether or not her money will last. She doesn’t have any money coming in, she only has money going out, and she’s living as cheaply as she can. Currently she has enough money to continue to travel for many years, but at some point she knows the money will run out unless she gets a job, which she definitely does not want to do.

Is living like a poor person when she has more than enough money right now helping or hindering her money vibration? What manifestations will the Universe send her when she has the vibration of being poor? Does she really have to get a job doing something she’d hate just to have money? And, is there anything she can do to increase her vibration and manifest all the money she wants, when she wants?

Listen to find out more!

This call is for you if you have a money vibration that’s stopping the abundance you want flowing to you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller sold her house, quit her job, and started traveling long term with her new boyfriend.
  • She’s in a good place and happy, but she’s concerned about her financial situation.
  • She’s being very careful with her money but it’s diminishing her joy of traveling.
  • Why is she getting concerned about having manifested something she wanted?
  • How can she remove the belief that she’s poor?
  • How can she get into a feeling of abundance?
  • How will the Universe show us where our energy is?
  • Can she manifest money doing something she loves?
  • When should she take action?
  • What can she do when the fear of not having enough money shows itself?
  • Is working hard the only way to success?
  • Should she compromise and do something she doesn’t want to do?
  • How can she get out of desperation mode?
  • Why do we miss the drama when we manifest something easily?