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  • #319 How Can She Release Her Anxiety Over A Failed Friendship?

#319 How Can She Release Her Anxiety Over A Failed Friendship?


This caller wants to enjoy the benefits of meditation, but instead of calming her mind, it’s bringing up her anxiety about a failed friendship with a guy who meant the world to her. This guy really got who she was and shared an interest in LOA, but things fell apart when he started dating a girl who drained him of his positive energy. She decided she couldn’t be around him while he was with this girl, and she also unfortunately did some things that made him block her out of his life. Not having him around is tearing her apart. She doesn’t want to let him go. She wants him back in her life, no matter what.

In this call we talk through what happens when we allow our minds to focus on our anxiety and how our manifestations show us where our energy is at. We explore how the Law of Attraction and a constructive anger release can actually help to release anxiety, instead of us just finding a way to cope with it.

This call is for you if you’re suffering with anxiety, and have tried traditional methods of coping, such as therapy, and you now want a more empowering way to release it.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has been meditating for years, but she’s still struggles to keep her mind calm.
  • Instead of staying calm when meditating her mind goes straight into worry mode.
  • Why is this happening when she meditates?
  • What’s the difference between coping with your anxiety and releasing it?
  • Why is sexual energy so powerful?
  • What happens when we wake up and become more aware?
  • What do our manifestations show us?
  • Are we responsible for our own actions?
  • Can we consciously distract ourselves?
  • How can she release her anxiety over a failed friendship?
  • How can she get her mind on-board when releasing anxiety?
  • Will a constructive anger release help her to move on from this friendship?
  • How can she start to be honest about how she truly feels?
  • What are the benefits of sitting with a negative emotion and just feeling it?
  • How can she keep her energy stable?