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  • #323 She’s Struggling To Focus And Live In Her Physical Reality

#323 She’s Struggling To Focus And Live In Her Physical Reality


This caller travels through different realities, including the non-physical world where she’s had telepathic conversations with people she knows. When she’s asleep she’s experiencing her own suffering and her own death, and in her 3D reality, her focus is scattered, and she feels lost.

This caller is one very powerful lady, who’s here to do big things, but right now this power she has, is so overwhelming that she no longer feels grounded in her own physical reality. She doesn’t have a job, she can’t stay focused on what she wants to be doing, she’s not even sure what it is she wants to do, and she’s not able to meet up with like-minded people or create her own abundance through employment or being self-employed.

This call is a real down the rabbit hole kind of call where we explore what can happen in our physical reality when we’re able to take ourselves out of the physical realm and into different worlds, and what we need to do to marry all the different worlds with our physical one.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has psychic abilities and is looking to start a business in lucid dreaming.
  • She very much into trance channeling and wants to include this in her work.
  • Does she have to practice trance channeling to have a stronger connection?
  • She’s not grounded in physical reality, but what does this actually mean?
  • How can she step into her power and have control?
  • Is her physical reality a mistake?
  • Can she use how she travels between different realities in her physical reality?
  • What is the perfect job for her?
  • What are the benefits of lucid dreaming?
  • How can she shape and mold her reality?
  • How can she get into the energy of being with like-minded people and being abundant?
  • Can she get her mind on-board when focusing on what she wants?
  • What is the best way to learn lucid dreaming?
  • How can she focus on what is happening in the now?
  • When should we take action?