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  • #324 How Can He Overcome His Triggers Around Sex?

#324 How Can He Overcome His Triggers Around Sex?


For many years this caller has experienced resistance and feelings of unworthiness when it comes to women, dating and sexuality, and the connection he wants to have with women just won’t come together fully for him. He has a girlfriend and they share an open relationship, but this makes him feel like he’s living two separate lives, one where he’s happy with his girlfriend and one where he’s an unhappy single person who’s unable to connect to other women. As much as he loves his girlfriend he doesn’t know why he wants to date other women, whether it’s because of an issue from his past, or whether there might be something missing in his current relationship.

What’s pulling him to want to date other women when it brings up his resistance and feelings of unworthiness? What is it he’s actually looking for in his sex life? If he loves his girlfriend and wants to be with her, why are they in an open relationship? And, if we find out what’s behind his resistance can he release his negative thoughts about himself around women?

Listen in to find out more.

This call is for you if you want a better sex life! You’re welcome…

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has resistance around women, dating and sexuality.
  • He’s in an open relationship but he panics about dating other women.
  • Why does he want to date other women?
  • What fears does he have about his girlfriend?
  • Why does he have difficulty attracting women?
  • How does surrendering to the now help us to have a better sex life?
  • If we can’t talk about sex with our partner what does it say about the relationship?
  • Does good sex just happen or is there more to it?
  • What does he want from his sex life?
  • How can he line up with a partner who’s satisfied with his sexual performance?
  • Should all sexual fantasies be acted upon?
  • If he was in his power and felt no fear how would he approach the sex conversation with his girlfriend?
  • Are his fears really about sex?
  • How can he overcome his triggers to sex?
  • Where does great sex start from?
  • Should we feel shame when we desire a great sex life?
  • Is sex an important part of humanity?