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  • #325 Can He Release His Fear About Not Having Enough Money?

#325 Can He Release His Fear About Not Having Enough Money?


This caller has just manifested a tax bill saying he owes a lot more money than he was expecting to owe. This manifestation triggered him in a big way and brought to the surface all of his insecurities around money. He’s an independent contractor who gets nervous when it’s tax time because he’s never too sure if he’ll have enough to pay them, and there’s also a pattern emerging in his reality where money’s coming in but it’s going out just as quickly, too.

His parents have put aside a decent amount of money for his education, but continuing his education is not something he wants to pursue. Another trigger he has around this money is the fact that it’s coming from his parents.

His true passion lies in playing the piano and forging a successful career. What he truly wants to manifest is having enough money so that he can live comfortable while continuing his music career.

Why does he have a negative expectation around tax time? What happens when we push against a certain way in which money can come to us? If he unblocks his resistance and fears with money will more than enough manifest into his reality?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your money vibration is stopping abundance from coming into your reality.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has just found out he owes a lot more in taxes than he thought he did.
  • He always gets nervous around tax time and now this fear has manifested into his reality.
  • What happens when we have a negative expectation?
  • Why do things seemingly go wrong when we don’t want to manifest in a certain way?
  • Why does resistance show itself when we focus on what we want?
  • Can spiritual teachings make us more aware?
  • Do all our manifestations, both positive and negative ones serve us?
  • Why is he pushing against the money he gets from his parents?
  • Why are his parents against his career choice?
  • Do you have to be famous before you are deemed a success?
  • Can you be seen as a professional without the college degree?
  • How can he get into the vibration of being successful and abundant?
  • Is working hard an indication of how much money we can make?
  • Why should we pay attention to the progression of our manifestations?