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  • #327 How Can She Get Into The Energy Of Fun And Creating?

#327 How Can She Get Into The Energy Of Fun And Creating?


A year ago this caller quit her boring job in London and went back home to Switzerland. Before she quit she’d manifested physical pain in her hand that went away once she left the job. However, the pain has now returned after spending the last 12 months job hunting without success. She’s only been interested in one job, but they didn’t offer it to her, and although this job was very similar to the job she hated in London, she still would have said yes to them.

So, what going on here? She’s manifested pain in her hand that made it difficult to do a job she hated. She quit her job in London and moved back to Switzerland, only to find herself jobless for 12 months and the only job that’s excited her was one that was similar to the job she no longer wanted in London, but there was no offer on the table. And now, the final manifestation – the pain in her hand has returned.

What’s happening with this caller’s energy and vibration that’s creating a reality where there seem to be no job prospects for her? What resistance is she experiencing that’s stopping her from manifesting a job that she would love? And, is the pain in her hand trying to grab her attention for some reason?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your job hunting is resulting in little to no success?

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller moved back home from London after quitting her job.
  • During her employment she suffered pain in her hand which stopped once she quit.
  • She’s been job hunting for a year now but there’s nothing exciting her.
  • What job is she looking for?
  • What’s holding her back from doing the type of work she’d really love to do?
  • How can she release her fears about not being good enough?
  • How can she manifest more fun into her life?
  • How can she get into the flow and live in the present moment?
  • Why does resistance come up when we focus on what we want?
  • What happens when we get into the feeling of creating?
  • How can she give herself permission to be who she really is?
  • Can getting into the flow create an income?
  • Is the physical pain in her hands connected to her flow of energy?
  • Why do we need to get our energy sorted before we take action?