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  • #328 Why Is The Law Of Attraction Triggering Her Emotional Pain?

#328 Why Is The Law Of Attraction Triggering Her Emotional Pain?


This caller has been using The Law of Attraction to help her to manifest what she wants into her reality, but, she believes she’s doing it wrong because not only is she not getting what she wants, all this focusing is bringing up memories of the emotional pain she suffered during her childhood.

Before she was even born this caller knew that she was an unwanted child and that her birth was not going to be a joyous occasion for her mother. Most of her childhood was spent being lonely and isolated, and now, by using The Law of Attraction to get what she wants, these memories and a memory about a traumatic attack she suffered as a small child are coming back to her, which is not what she was hoping for at all.

Why does The Law of Attraction bring up memories that we’ve buried? Are these memories serving us on our LOA journey? How can we work with our bad memories and therefore release what needs to be released to get the reality we want?

This call is for you if you’re working with LOA, but instead of getting what you want, it appears to be going in the opposite direction for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller believes she’s getting things wrong with The Law of Attraction.
  • She’s been working on her resistance but it’s causing her a lot of emotional pain.
  • Are we all on the same journey when we’re creating our own reality?
  • Is The Law of Attraction working for her?
  • Where does suffering come from?
  • How can we make waking up less difficult?
  • Why does the Law of Attraction involve more than just manifesting what you want?
  • Why do some of us experience a traumatic childhood?
  • Do we choose the family we’re born into?
  • What is life all about?
  • Who is the person we need to learn to trust more?
  • Why should we give ourselves permission to feel our depression?
  • Can nature help to stabilize us?