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  • #330 Should She Stay With Her Boyfriend Who’s Not Fully Committed To Just Her?

#330 Should She Stay With Her Boyfriend Who’s Not Fully Committed To Just Her?


This caller recently had a baby with a man who she has an open relationship with – an open relationship where he can sleep with whoever he wants to, but he only agrees to her sleeping with other women, not other men. He’s now met someone who he’s in love with, and although she says she’s ok sharing him sexually with this other woman, what bothers her is that he’s become emotionally attached┬áto this woman, meaning she’s not his main priority anymore.

During her pregnancy she considered ending the relationship with him, but decided against it, and now after their baby’s been born he’s asked for 2 months to decide who he wants to be with, her and their child, or this other woman.

Why did she not end this relationship during her pregnancy? Can you really have sex without some sort of emotional attachment being involved? Is she sacrificing herself too much for a man who can’t decide who he wants to be with? How can she take back her power and choose what’s right for her and her baby, and not allow him to make choices for her?

This call is for you if you’re in a relationship and decisions have to be made about what is right for you, but you’re letting someone else do the choosing.

Topics covered on this call:

  • She just had a baby, but the child’s father is in love with both her and another woman.
  • She’s ok sharing him sexually, but him being in love with this other woman bothers her.
  • Can pregnancy and giving birth affect us energetically?
  • Is it really possible to separate sex from an emotional connection?
  • What is a true open relationship?
  • How is she giving her power away to this man?
  • How can anger emotionally heal you?
  • Does being in love mean you have to sacrifice?
  • What will the Universe mirror back to her if she chooses herself?
  • Can she have the relationship she wants?
  • What’s more important, a person’s actions or their words?

*This caller also asked questions about the bible and God, so towards the end of the call I offer my thoughts to you on it.