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  • #332 How Can She Move Into The Vibration of Being A Diva?

#332 How Can She Move Into The Vibration of Being A Diva?


This caller’s not good when it comes to relationships, and now at the age of 50 she still hasn’t manifested the one she wants. She recently joined an 8-week drama group but her fears about being judged and her feelings of being intimidated by the people in the group meant this experience felt like torture to her. She was so out of her depth because she believed she didn’t have enough to offer the group that she decided to stay quiet and unassuming. Deep down she knows she’s not this mousy woman that she keeps portraying herself to be, that she can in fact be more diva, but for some reason her limiting beliefs and fears are keeping her from being who she knows she really is.

Are her fears about being judged and feeling intimidated connected to her lack of success in relationships? What’s the difference between being mousey and being a diva? Can she be who she really is, a strong and vibrant woman who knows how to shine and be who she really is?

If you want to go from mousy to diva, and be who you really are, this is the call for you!

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller says she’s really bad with relationships and now at 50 she wants to sort this out.
  • What happened in her last relationship?
  • Why did she feel too intimidated to speak to anyone at the drama group she’s joined?
  • What limiting belief is behind her fear of being judged?
  • Are our brains in charge or are we in charge?
  • How can she step into the vision of being a Broadway star?
  • Can we demand that a specific person loves us?
  • How can she give herself permission to be who she really is?
  • What can she do to stop feeling fearful around other people?
  • Should we really be concerned about what people think of us?
  • How can she set boundaries with people?
  • Can an introvert be outgoing and confident?
  • How do you know when you’re not in alignment with someone?