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  • #335 How Can She Remove Her Limiting Beliefs About Money?

#335 How Can She Remove Her Limiting Beliefs About Money?


This caller has a fabulous life, except for the fact that she can’t manifest enough money coming into her reality. She feels like she turned the supply of money off just over a year ago, and that’s it, the flow of money isn’t coming back to her. She has a strong feeling that she will be fabulously wealthy one day, but for now, this feeling isn’t manifesting into actual money.

Is this caller getting in her own way when it comes to manifesting money? If she knows that one day she’ll be wealthy, why hasn’t it happened for her yet? How does she truly feel about money and wealth? What emotions come up when she’s around wealth people? And, if she learns how to play with money, will it manifest for her?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if money is what you want, you know you can have it, but getting it to actually manifest is proving somewhat difficult.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has a fabulous life, except that she can’t manifest enough money.
  • She wants more money, but she hates the idea of abundance.
  • Why does she feel a sense of shame about people being wealthy?
  • As a child why did she not feel good enough around her mom?
  • Can she remove the belief that she’s not good enough?
  • How can she get into the vibration of being beautiful?
  • How can she get out of her own way and manifest the money she wants?
  • Why is she scared to have more money than she needs?
  • How can she learn to play and have fun with money?
  • Why do we take the joy out of having money?
  • Can we still create from a place of not worrying about something?
  • How can we unblock our energy around money?