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  • #336 How Can She Feel Better About Her Money Situation?

#336 How Can She Feel Better About Her Money Situation?


This caller is about to lose a percentage of her monthly income. Unless she can manifest more money from another source her financial situation is going to be quite bleak. She’s aware of how energy works and what she needs to do to change her vibration to a higher one, because she’s done it before with her health, and when her eldest son died, but this situation with her finances is causing her too much worry and stress, and reaching for a higher vibration isn’t working for her. She doesn’t feel like a poor person, so why she’s struggling financially is puzzling to her.

Why can’t she reach for a higher vibration around money? Is a lack of money always about a vibration of poverty? Can other emotions and beliefs be a reason for a lack of abundance in our reality? Can she find a way to feel better right now about her finances that will help with her money vibration?

*Although this call was mainly about money, we did discuss the suicide of her son, why it happened and what message he has for her now that he’s no longer in the physical world.

This call is for you if you have a financial situation going on that is making it difficult for you to get into the feeling of abundance.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is about to lose a large chunk of her income which she can’t afford.
  • She doesn’t feel like a poor person but still money won’t manifest?
  • Is her lack of money about a belief of poverty?
  • Why do we suffer when we begin to raise our energy?
  • How can she immediately feel better about her money situation?
  • Where does our power lie when we want to feel better?
  • What is love?
  • Why are some people choosing to leave the physical world?
  • Why did her son choose to end his physical life?
  • What message does her son now have for her?
  • Are we here to learn something?
  • How can we soothe our fears?
  • Does our body have the ability to heal itself?