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#338 How Can She Manifest A Reality That’s On Her Terms?


About 6 months ago, this caller was in a car accident where she ended up breaking her arm quite severely. This was a pretty traumatic event for her, and it’s not the first traumatic event she’s gone through.  Prior to the accident she was getting coaching for the traumatic childhood she’d had; and things were getting pretty good for her after that. She’d moved to Chicago, and found a good job, but it wasn’t long before she then manifested this car accident.

Attracting traumatic events is an ongoing theme for her, and after each event she clears what’s in her vibration, but no sooner has something good happened in her life, it’s followed by another traumatic event, including the death of her father.

Ok; so what’s this all about? What is the Universe trying to show her by sending her events that feel traumatic to her? Is she benefiting vibrationally with each event that knocks her off her feet? What limiting belief does she have that’s matching her with these manifestations; and once released, can she have a reality that works for her, on her terms?

Listen in to find out!

This call is for you if your manifestations are knocking you off your feet, but not in a good way!

Topics covered on this call:

  • 6 months ago this caller had a car accident that left her with a severe broken arm.
  • She’s mostly recovered from it, but she wants to know how she attracted this event and the other traumatic events she’s attracted, including the death of her father.
  • Is her father’s transition her manifestation?
  • What was happening in her reality in the weeks leading up to the car accident?
  • Why did she have the manifestation of a car accident?
  • Why isn’t she in alignment with her job?
  • Why isn’t she ready yet to start up another business of her own?
  • How can she make her reality easier and without the trauma?
  • What limiting belief does she have that makes her life such hard work?
  • Is her current relationship awesome enough to stay in it?
  • How can she learn to say no to the things that aren’t awesome?
  • How can she align with what she wants?
  • Why aren’t we ready yet for things to manifest instantly?
  • How can we trust the timing of a manifestation?