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  • #339 How Can She Break Away From A Manipulative Parent?

#339 How Can She Break Away From A Manipulative Parent?


This caller feels her life, as it is right now, is no longer enough for her. She knows she has a blockage stopping her from leveling up, and that this blockage could lie in her controlling and manipulative parents. The relationship she has with them is fractured to say the least. She believes her energy towards her parents is stopping her from getting on with her own life, and this was mirrored back to her in a big way with a recent manifestation involving them.

The relationship she has with her parents is not a new one, all her life it has been one of manipulation and control, and one where she, all be it unwillingly, allows them to keep that manipulation and control alive and active in her reality.

Why is she still giving her power away to her parents? If she knows they are manipulative and controlling, what’s happening that is keeping her from setting the necessary boundaries with them? Are they responsible for stopping her life from moving into the reality that she wants? And, what will happen when she works through the negative emotions she has around them?

Listen in to find out more.

This call is for you if you’re in an abusive relationship, whether it’s with a parent, a partner or a friend.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller feels dissatisfied with where her life is right now.
  • Why is dissatisfaction a good sign?
  • How can you move your reality forward?
  • How many layers are there to our resistance?
  • What is the definition of resentment?
  • Why is she giving her power away to her parents?
  • What is the difference between shame and guilt?
  • Is she responsible for her parents?
  • What is manipulation?
  • What is love?
  • Why can’t she break away from her mom?
  • How do abusers get us to stay in a relationship with them?
  • How can she feel powerful enough to break away from her mom?
  • Why should we prioritize ourselves?
  • How can she energetically get her mom to be the mom she wants her to be?
  • How can she set boundaries with her parents?
  • How can she honor herself more?