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  • #340 How Can She Help People Without Taking Responsibility For Them?

#340 How Can She Help People Without Taking Responsibility For Them?


This caller is looking to learn how to love herself more because right now she’s very good at manifesting social anxiety, self-blame and regret which she knows are not signs of loving yourself. She’s also found herself in a reality that doesn’t look the way she expected it to when she was planning what her future would look like.

One thing she loves to do is help people, but this help she wants to give freely and willingly turns into social anxiety, and manifests into the negative emotions she feels about herself.

What limiting beliefs does she have that are stopping her from loving who she really is? Is having a life-plan workable or even realistic?  If she has a strong desire to help why is she suffering with social anxiety, self-blame and regret? If we have a desire for something, surely it should just manifest as we want it to? Right? And, her lack of self-love, is that connected to all of the above?

Listen in to find out more.

This call is for you if being you is something that brings up a lot of anxiety within in instead of a sense of self-love.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to learn how to love herself more and release her feelings of social anxiety and self-blame.
  • She wants to move her reality away from where it is because her life-plan didn’t look like this at all.
  • Is planning out our lives a good idea or even successful?
  • How does manifesting work if we just go with an intention?
  • Why don’t we trust the easy way of working instead of the hard way?
  • Are we responsible for other people’s vibration?
  • What does it mean to apologize?
  • How can she help people without taking responsibility for them?
  • What is a new soul and what is an old soul?
  • Why should we avoid giving unsolicited advice?
  • How can she make helping people more fun for her?