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  • #342 Can She Finally Get The Career That She Truly Wants?

#342 Can She Finally Get The Career That She Truly Wants?


This caller has always felt a calling to go after what she wants professionally. She goes for strong, big and ambitious job roles, and although her current career is going well, the drive and the purpose she desires just isn’t there. She feels drawn to a couple of new options, but, although she wants to make the move from her current role, having already changed her career many times, she’s feeling a reluctance to move again,  because she’s also looking for the stability and the peace of mind of having found her life-long career. But, staying stuck in a career that’s not for her is something that she simply cannot do.

Is there really a problem with changing your career several times during your working years? Should we stay in our first job until retirement, even if we hate it, for the sake of stability? Is there more to her reluctance to move again than just her desire for stability? Can she line up her energy before she makes another move and give herself a better opportunity to find a job that gives her everything she’s looking for?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re feeling restless in your current job, and you’re looking for a job that ticks all your boxes.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has always had big and ambitious goals for her career, but her current job isn’t doing it for her.
  • She feels drawn to a certain path but she’s worried that further down the line she’ll change her mind about it.
  • Is it really an issue to change our mind after we’ve chosen a certain career path?
  • Should we stick to our first career choice for the sake of stability?
  • How can she release her belief of limitation?
  • How can she remove her limiting beliefs about changing her career?
  • How can she line up with the career she really wants?
  • Why should you NOT focus on the how of a manifestation?
  • Can she work in the FBI and still be a happy shiny puppy?
  • Does punishing people actually work?
  • How can she put herself in a situation where she’s a lightworker?
  • What happens to your reality when you follow your path?
  • How can she get a better perspective on her present and future reality?