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  • #343 How Can She Celebrate Being An Erotic Writer?

#343 How Can She Celebrate Being An Erotic Writer?


This caller has a full time job, and she’s also an author of erotic novels. Her erotic writing is very much a secret, in that, no-one in her family knows that she does this, and also, her novels are written under a pseudonym. Now she’s ready to leave her full time job to focus on her writing, but, whenever she thinks about it, a childhood memory of when she was touched inappropriately by some older boys keeps popping up. She wants her novels to be more successful, and for them to give her a good standard of living, but this memory that keeps manifesting is hindering her decision to quit her job and make her desires a reality.

Why is this childhood memory manifesting itself when she thinks about leaving her job? Is there a connection between this memory and her erotic writing? How does she really feel about what she writes? And, why is she keeping it a secret that’s she’s an author of erotic novels?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for everyone who’s feeling a desire to show up as themselves in the world, but are keeping themselves small for fear of what others will think of them.  Oh, and yes, this call is for you if you want to learn the LOA approach to sex. You’re welcome.

Topics covered on this call:

  • She wants to leave her 9-5 job but this desire to leave her job is bringing up a childhood memory.
  • She writes erotic novels, but keeping it a secret from everyone.
  • Is there a connection between what she writes and her childhood memory that’s now manifesting?
  • What’s her limiting belief behind keeping her erotic writing a secret?
  • How can she approach a conversation with her son about her writing?
  • Is it inherently wrong to watch porn or enjoy sex?
  • Why do we gravitate towards pleasure and are we wrong to do that?
  • Can her erotic writing benefit other people?
  • Why do we except that sex for a woman is dirty?
  • How can we communicate our needs to our sexual partner?
  • Is it a woman’s job to find the one?
  • When is sex at its best?
  • How can she celebrate her erotic writing?
  • How can she align her energy with telling her mom about her writing?
  • Can we have better relationships if we were more authentic about sex?
  • Is she hurting anyone by writing erotica?