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  • #344 How Can She Be A More Enlightened Parent?

#344 How Can She Be A More Enlightened Parent?


This caller wants to learn the LOA of parenting. So, for example, she wants to know, do our children choose us? Do we choose our children? What is her role as a parent? Is there a general role that all parents are supposed to play or is it just specific to each parent and child? She also wants to know, how can she be an enlightened parent in a way that works for both herself and her son?

So, here we go! Today, I’m going to explain why we get born into a certain environment, the choice that was made by both the parent and the child before the child was born, what it means to be an enlightened parent, and why teenagers suddenly become stroppy and start arguing with their parents. I also explain what the role of an enlightened parent is, and what you need to do to ensure both you and your child have an awesome and honest relationship.

So, for all you parents, and parents to be out there, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to learn more about parenting and if our children choose us, and if we choose them.
  • What environment do we actually choose to be born into?
  • Are our past lives a factor in the environment we choose?
  • Do we have a previous connection to the people we know in this life?
  • What is the only true job of a parent?
  • Can a parent defy their child’s vibration?
  • What is a parent’s role in their child’s life?
  • Why do teenagers suddenly start arguing with their parents?
  • What are the natural consequences way of parenting?
  • Do we benefit our kids if we let them make bad decisions?
  • Should we force our kids to learn things that they don’t care about?
  • How can you set successful rules with your kids?
  • How can we learn to trust our kids?
  • How do your kids benefit when you believe in them?
  • As parents, can you learn from your kids?
  • Do you have to go to college to be successful?