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  • #345 Is Her Excess Weight Connected To Her Fear Of God?

#345 Is Her Excess Weight Connected To Her Fear Of God?


This caller has carried excess weight for many years. The only time she wasn’t overweight was as a child and in her late teens, when she was exercising quite heavily. Her childhood felt really powerless, and so, following her teenage years the weight just got more and more excessive. She would binge and diet, binge and diet, binge and diet, and so on, and so on. This cycle went on for years until she finally hit a wall and decided enough was enough. She still hasn’t broken through what’s making her overweight, but now, she’s ready to release the reasons as to why she’s overweight.

What made her childhood feel so powerless?  Is excess weight really connected with the food we eat? Why do we carry excess weight? Does dieting and exercise work to release excess weight permanently? And, is she overweight because of the food she eats, or are there some emotional issues and childhood memories that are causing her continued weight issues?

If you’re struggling to lose weight, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has a weight issue that’s she’s now looking to release.
  • Her weight stabilized for a while until she started taking anti-depressions earlier this year.
  • Does medication help or hinder us?
  • Are humans able to skip meals without getting ill?
  • Does dieting affect our metabolic state?
  • Will dieting and exercise work on a permanent basis for weight loss?
  • Why does our body carry excess weight?
  • Do we need other people’s approval to be accepted?
  • Can she release her fear that she’s a bad person who’ll go to hell when she dies?
  • What type of hell can we actually create?
  • Does she deserve to be in heaven?
  • Is God really a vengeful God?
  • Why is a vengeful God such a big belief?
  • What is real love?
  • What beliefs are we mirroring back to ourselves each day?
  • Are we God?
  • How can she change her beliefs about God?
  • How can she stop being in an abusive relationship with herself?
  • What rules can you follow if you have an addictive behavior?
  • How can she start getting into the feeling of her body being thin?