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  • #348 Can She Release Her Social Anxiety & Her Anger Towards Her Ex?

#348 Can She Release Her Social Anxiety & Her Anger Towards Her Ex?


This caller suffers with social anxiety where she feels people are judging and criticizing her when she’s around them. This belief is now being mirrored back to her in various manifestations, especially with her ex-partner, who she’s co-parenting with. Their relationship is very toxic, and he will often get mad at her, criticize her, and he’ll twist what she says so they end up in a very unpleasant situation together. She feels a lot of anger towards him and would love for him not to be in her life anymore, but as they have a child together this isn’t likely to happen.

Why has she developed a limiting belief that people are judging her? Can she release the version of her ex that she gets? Can she safely and constructively release her anger towards him and have a better relationship with him, or even have him possibly leave her reality? And, what will happen to her social anxiety when she releases her fear of being judged and criticized by other people?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you suffer with social anxiety, and if you want to learn how to release anger in a safe and constructive environment.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller suffers with social anxiety where she feels judged by other people.
  • When she gets criticized she becomes obsessed by it and the feeling becomes all-consuming to her.
  • She’s co-parenting with her ex who she believes has a borderline personality disorder.
  • What is her ex reflecting back to her?
  • Can she get a different, much better version of her ex?
  • Does the Universe understand negative words and negative focus?
  • How can she safely release her anger towards her ex?
  • How can she get full empowerment from her anger release?
  • Why do we need to take note of what our mind is saying?
  • How can she get into a better feeling perspective when someone is venting around her?
  • Why is she triggered when she hears people judging others?
  • How can she release her limiting belief of being judged herself?
  • How can we tell a more empowering positive story about ourselves?
  • How can she set successful boundaries?
  • What’s the difference between entitlement and getting what you want?