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  • #349 How Can She Stop Lying And Be More Accepting Of Herself?

#349 How Can She Stop Lying And Be More Accepting Of Herself?


This caller is in an unhappy marriage.  They fight a lot, spend most of their time apart, and she’s no longer attracted to him.  She used to have strong feelings for her husband but this has changed and although she’s content to have the safety and security he gives her, in reality she doesn’t want those things with him. She wants him to leave, but she’s struggling to get into the vision of him leaving.

She’s recently connected with an ex, who she feels is the right man for her, and who she believes can give her the life she wants, but what’s stopping her getting closer to him is that she’s told him a number of lies about herself and her life. If they did get together she would then have to admit this to him and she’s afraid to do that because he may then reject her.

Why have her feelings towards her husband changed? How can she focus her energy towards her husband leaving? Why has she found it easy to lie to her ex, and what’s the limiting belief behind her lies? How can she get into a better feeling place about herself so that she doesn’t have to lie anymore? And, can she find a way to tell her ex the truth about herself?

This call is for you if you’re in an unhappy partnership and also if your confidence in yourself doesn’t allow you to tell people the truth about you and your life.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is in a marriage where they fight a lot and she’s no longer attracted to her husband.
  • Her husband gives her safety and security which she wants, but she doesn’t want it with him.
  • Does she really want a husband in the true sense of the word?
  • Why have her feelings toward her husband changed?
  • Why is she scared about her feelings for her ex who has come back into her reality?
  • Why has she told her ex lies about herself and her life?
  • How can she get into the energy of relief of her husband leaving?
  • Is there a reason behind her ability to lie so easily to her ex?
  • How can she get into the feeling of being taken care of?
  • How can she see the perspective that she’s already manifested security?
  • Do we have to sacrifice having money to get what we want?
  • How can she release her limiting belief that she’s unattractive?
  • Will plastic surgery fix her energy about feeling ugly?
  • Why is it a good idea to focus on the things we like about ourselves?
  • What do people have that attracts us to them?

*Please note – This call was recorded in November 2018, so some of the things mentioned about the changes at Deliberate Receiving towards the end of the call  may now be in place. When I mentioned ‘next year’ I meant 2019!