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  • #350 How Can She Believe In Herself And Her Dreams?

#350 How Can She Believe In Herself And Her Dreams?


This caller has trouble letting people see who she really is because she doesn’t feel she’s good enough around certain people, especially in her┬ácareer. She’s a self-taught designer working in the animation industry in LA, where she moved to from her home in Mexico. She loves her job, it’s her dream job, but the environment she’s working in is eating away at her confidence and her desire to be where she works.

How has her lack of confidence impacted her daily reality? Do the people around her really see her as not good enough? What limiting belief is bringing up her fears when she’s with the people she works with? Can she once again believe in herself and her dreams once she removes her fears and her lack of confidence in herself? And, as a woman from Mexico now working in LA, does she have an inspiring story to tell people?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re in a work environment where you feel you’re the one who isn’t good enough to work there.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has difficulty connecting with people and letting them see who she really is.
  • The industry she works in is also unstable which makes her worry about her finances.
  • She loves her job but she feels she’s not good enough to do it.
  • How has her lack of confidence impacted her reality?
  • What is the limiting belief behind her lack of confidence at work?
  • Do you have to suffer to have success?
  • Are we all deserving of getting what we want?
  • How can she get into the energy of getting what she wants?
  • How can we learn to trust our intuition?
  • What is the path of least resistance?
  • How can you get into the flow of what excites you?
  • Is hard work the only way to succeed?
  • How can her story inspire others?
  • What’s our only job in getting what we want?
  • Why is it a good thing to go outside of your comfort zone?
  • Why is perfect timing so perfect?