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  • #351 Can She Release Her Belief Of Unworthiness About Being Born A Girl?

#351 Can She Release Her Belief Of Unworthiness About Being Born A Girl?


This caller recently lost her husband to cancer. She feels that she let her husband down while he was here, and coupled with this is her belief that he thought she wasn’t worthy enough for him not to die. Since her husband has transitioned she has been working on her energy but this work is manifesting into physical pain.

During the call we learned that her being born a girl was a big disappoint to her parents, and a lot of her choices in life, especially work, have been more masculine choices than feminine¬†ones. She used to work in security and her family, she believes, don’t think she’s worthy enough unless she goes back into that job. She has a lot of anger towards her parents around how they make her feel unworthy about being born a girl and also no longer working in security, and today we are going to address that anger and the unworthiness she feels about being born a girl. Once this unworthiness has been released will she be able to see that her husband dying wasn’t him abandoning her because she was unworthy, but that he was in fact ready to go?

This call is for you if you have feelings of unworthiness or you’ve been made to feel unworthy by other people.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller recently lost her husband to cancer.
  • Her energy levels are very low, but when she tries working on herself she gets physical pain.
  • What unresolved energy is causing this physical pain?
  • Why is stepping into our pain healing?
  • What childhood memory is bringing up her feelings of unworthiness as an adult?
  • How can she release her feelings of unworthiness about being born a girl?
  • Why do we choose to be born female?
  • Why does she make choices that bring out her masculine energy?
  • Is a person’s value based on their gender?
  • Are we valuable just by being here?
  • Why did she match up with a partner who died?
  • Are her animals missing him or responding to her energy?
  • Can she still connect with her husband?
  • How can we defend ourselves without being defensive?


***TRIGGER WARNING***: This call contains the C-Word. It’s in context, but if this words offends you deeply, you may want to skip it. You’ve been warned.