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  • #352 Can Her Desire To Be A Successful Artist Be Realized?

#352 Can Her Desire To Be A Successful Artist Be Realized?


This caller is a musician, songwriter and artist who isn’t making a lot of money yet. She’s trying to hold down jobs, just for the money, to support her before she makes it big in her chosen career. But these jobs aren’t working out, and plus, she keeps getting fired.  She knows if she works she has less time to spend on what she really wants to do, but without a job she doesn’t have enough money to support herself. She gets this whole LOA work, but she doesn’t get why things aren’t working out for her, and why the Universe is set it up so that she has to align her energy to get what she wants.

Why aren’t the jobs she needs to support her dream working out? What is the Universe showing her when she gets fired? Does she really need to have a job which she hates doing to get money? Why is this game of life set up so that we have to align our energy to get what we want?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your biggest career desire hasn’t yet manifested for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is struggling with creating the career she wants at the same time as holding down a job.
  • She works to support her income but jobs aren’t working out as she keeps getting fired.
  • She just wants to do what makes her happy but getting a job really brings her energy down.
  • Why is the Universe challenging her with jobs not working out for her?
  • Why do we need to pay attention to what we’re manifesting?
  • How can she manifest what she wants without money?
  • How can we go from 3D thinking to 5D thinking?
  • Why didn’t the Universe set us up to be enlightened without us having to align?
  • How hard was it to wake up in previous lives?
  • What happens when we open ourselves up to receiving our desires?
  • How can she feel comfortable talking about her parents?
  • Should she write music for herself or for other people?
  • How do we learn to follow our inspiration?
  • What does it mean when we want validation?