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#353 Can She Manifest Her Dream Job?


This caller is ready for a bigger and better career. For many years now she’s had jobs that are meaningless to her, but now she feels it’s her time to go out there and get the career she truly wants; a career where she gets to make a difference. She’s recently had a second interview for a job that would be just right for her, including the salary as it’s almost double what she’s earning now. Having this amount of money would make her feel alive again. Everything about it sounds just right for her, so how can she align her energy to get it, or if not this job, a job that feels like this one to her?

Is this job THE job or a precursor? Is it a good manifestation regardless of whether she gets it or not? And, can she clean up her money vibration so she feels alive no matter how much money she has?

This call is for you if you want to align your energy with your dream job.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is ready to manifest her dream job.
  • She’s recently had a second interview for a job she’d love which is helping women.
  • How can she release her shame about working in the defense industry?
  • How can she connect in a positive way to a society without money?
  • How can she get into the feeling of being able to buy what she wants?
  • Is saving money better than saving time?
  • How can we start to listen to how we feel?
  • Should we go looking for our negative feelings?
  • Why is managing your energy beneficial to both you and everyone around you?
  • How can we see it as a positive when things don’t work out the way we expect?
  • When is the best time to take action?
  • Is life meant to be all about hard work?
  • What is real abundance?
  • Is it our job to work out the how of a manifestation?
  • Is chronological aging really about getting old?
  • Why don’t some manifestations happen straightaway?
  • Why is self-love beneficial to our well-being?