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  • #355 How Can He Release His OCD?

#355 How Can He Release His OCD?


This caller has purely obsessional OCD, which manifests as intrusive and scary thoughts that he then believes are true. He was only diagnosed a couple of years ago, but he’s always known that he’s suffered with this condition, but he’s now ready to heal and release his negative energy with LOA. He’s also a lightworker, who wants to help people, but his OCD is bringing up his worst thoughts and fears. This caller is also a transgender and there have been times in his life when he’s felt that he doesn’t belong here.

How do we develop OCD? Why do lightworkers often have issues mentally? Does being transgender have anything to do with his OCD? Can he release his scary thoughts, control his focus and finally heal from this condition?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you have a form of OCD, or if you know someone who has it and you’d like to help them in some way.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller suffers with OCD and he’s looking for insights as to why he has this.
  • His OCD causes him to have intrusive and scary thoughts that he then believes to be true.
  • Can a medical condition be limiting to us?
  • Why do some lightworkers at some point in their life deal with mental issues?
  • What’s causing his OCD?
  • Why did he have feelings of not belonging here?
  • What is 3D thinking and 5D thinking?
  • What is a true sociopath?
  • How can he learn to control his negative energy?
  • How can we listen to our body?
  • Can our body heal itself?
  • What level of thinking does a schizophrenic have and can they help raise our vibration?
  • What’s the truth about aliens?
  • Is someone all bad or all good?
  • How do we match up with a victimizer?
  • Can we learn to control our focus?
  • Can the unknown be an adventure?
  • What is the progression of a manifestation?
  • How can we learn to trust that we create our own reality?