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  • #356 Can She Release Her Weight Gain & Her Feelings About An Ex?

#356 Can She Release Her Weight Gain & Her Feelings About An Ex?


This caller’s weight has increased over the last few years which makes her feel both ashamed and frustrated. She believes there’s an energy reason as to why this weight is sticking around, but when she sits with it to find out what it is, she not getting an answer. There are many things that she now won’t do because of being overweight, and socializing is one of them. The main reason for this is her fear of bumping into her ex, who she knows would criticize and judge her for her weight gain.

The relationship with her ex, she ended, because he was soul-destroying and although she’s now in a great relationship with a wonderful man, she’s still very angry towards her ex because of how he made her feel and how he treated her.

So, what’s causing her weight gain? Why do we feel ashamed about being overweight? Why does she still have feelings, albeit, negative feelings for her ex? Are her feelings about him and her weight gain connected? And, can she find a LOA way to release her extra weight?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you want both a body-led perspective and an energy perspective on how to lose weight.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller’s weight has been steadily increasing over the past few years.
  • She’s tried sitting with why this is happening, but it’s only bringing up her shame and frustration.
  • What is the formula for weight loss?
  • Why do we feel ashamed about being overweight?
  • Do diets and exercise work?
  • Does being overweight stop us living our lives?
  • How can she release her feelings of being judged by her ex about her weight?
  • What is a constructive anger release?
  • Was her ex’s problem really about her weight?
  • How can she find a better feeling perspective about her weight?
  • How is the right way to walk away from someone?
  • Is being overweight a reason not to feel confident?
  • How can she line up her energy with being a thin person?
  • Which foods are the best to eat?
  • How can we bring our beliefs into our conscious mind?
  • When do affirmations work best?
  • What is our natural state of being?
  • Are we here to learn lessons?