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  • #357 How Can She Change Her Energy To Get Things Done?

#357 How Can She Change Her Energy To Get Things Done?


This caller believes she’s self-sabotaging herself especially with housework and her job as a private investigator. She wants a clean house and to get her client cases done, but instead of doing them she’s procrastinating. She loves her job, but there’s this one client who she gets really triggered by, and this is affecting her motivation to get the job done.

Why isn’t she lined up with cleaning her house? Is there a difference between enjoying cleaning your house and wanting a clean house? Can she find a way to clean her house instead of just thinking about it? What’s the limiting belief behind her being triggered by her client? And, can she find the LOA way to both clean her house and remove her limiting beliefs around her client?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for if you’re finding yourself procrastinating on things that you know need to get done.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller believes she is self-sabotaging herself when it comes to housework and her job.
  • She wants a clean house and to get her job done, but she’s finding herself procrastinating.
  • What is procrastination?
  • Why can’t she take the action needed to clean the house?
  • How can she line up her energy with a clean house?
  • How can we feel better about deadlines?
  • What is inspired action?
  • Why isn’t her energy aligned with a certain client?
  • If you work really hard will you have more money?
  • What energy does a rich kid have compared to a poor kid and can it be changed?
  • Do we have to trade suffering for money?
  • How can she release being triggered by a client?
  • Why do we need to look at our discomfort, not ignore it?
  • Why is it now easier to bring light into the world?
  • What job does the Universe do for us?
  • Why are robots doing the things we don’t want to do a good thing?