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  • #359 How Can She Release The Belief That She’s Obligated To Do Things?

#359 How Can She Release The Belief That She’s Obligated To Do Things?


This caller has two issues – how to release the energy that is causing her hair loss, and what she can energetically do to be job-free and have more freedom. So, based on the hair loss question in today’s call we talk about how our body cooperates with our energy, what ’cause and effect’ actually is, and how it creates physical issues for us. We also talk about why when we’ve released the resistance, the physical effects of that resistance don’t change straightaway.

With this caller’s second question about being job-free and having more freedom, we talk about what being free really is, how she can release the limiting beliefs that’s not allowing her to be job-free right now, and why her feelings of obligation are keeping her stuck in a reality where she’s not job-free and her freedom is limited. We also talk about why the Universe sends us our manifestations in perfect timing, and why that timing is so perfect.

Oh, and there’s a couple of down the rabbit-hole questions towards the end of the call too. (You’re welcome)!!

This call is for those of you who are having unwanted body manifestations and for those of you who are looking to experience more freedom in your reality.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is suffering with hair loss and thinning and wants to know how to shift this issue.
  • She also wants to know how she can use LOA to be job-free and have more freedom.
  • How is our body cooperating with us?
  • How do we begin kicking off the process of getting what we want?
  • How powerful are we when we’re in “the zone.”
  • What’s the benefit of manifestations coming into our reality in perfect timing?
  • She wants to be mortgage-free, but what will that give her?
  • Why do we find ourselves not wanting to do something when told we have to do it?
  • How can she release her belief that she’s obligated to be there for others?
  • Why is there more anger and chaos in the world right now?
  • What resistance does she have to freedom?
  • What happens when we allow ourselves to feel our discomfort?
  • How do we create our reality?
  • How can she overcome her thoughts about crashing when she’s driving?
  • Why should we start with the basics of LOA first to create our reality?