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  • #361 What Fears Are Behind Her Worst Manifestation Coming Into Her Reality?

#361 What Fears Are Behind Her Worst Manifestation Coming Into Her Reality?


This caller has been told that she could develop mouth cancer. This fear of mouth cancer is not new to her because about 10 years ago she was told that unless she gave up drinking and smoking she would develop it. This didn’t happen at that time, but the threat of it happening now is very real. Mouth cancer is one of her biggest fears, and knowing what she knows about drinking and smoking and how we attract what we’re focusing on she wants to find a way to release it before it manifests into her reality.

Is smoking and drinking a cause of cancer? Can our beliefs on something that’s not related to cancer manifest it into our reality? Why does she fear mouth cancer so much, and is there something behind this fear that’s not related to her drinking and smoking? And, can she find a way to work with her fear and release it?

*The latter part of the call was on different subjects. Here the caller asked questions about pregnancy, abortion, weight and addiction. So, a few more insights for you! You’re welcome.

If you have a potential medical issue and you want to release your fear around it before it manifest into your reality, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call: 

  • This caller has been told she could develop mouth cancer.
  • Has her fears around smoking caused this medical manifestation?
  • What childhood memories come up when she sits with her fears?
  • Will a constructive anger release help to shift her energy?
  • What aspect of herself is still scared?
  • How can she release her shame and anger around her mom’s drinking?
  • Why does she still feel she’s responsible for her mom?
  • Can she release her negative feeling towards her parents?
  • What energy do we need to observe when a pregnancy ends through miscarriage or abortion?
  • When do our souls become active?
  • Why was she born into the family she was born into?
  • Can you be a lightworker without teaching energy?
  • Can working with our resistance be fun?
  • Do we have an energy imbalance if we’re overweight or underweight?
  • Can an addict fully recover from their addiction?
  • Will legalizing drugs be useful?
  • Is alcohol, which is legal, less of a problem for an addict?