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  • #362 How Can She Attract The Abundance She Wants?

#362 How Can She Attract The Abundance She Wants?


The caller feels stuck in both her job and her finances. She wants to creates the type of wealth that allows her to be open, fun and free. She’s tried rising her energy around these subjects but her energy just feels blocked. Her current job is meaningless to her and she doesn’t like being there, but she also hates the idea of going for job interviews. Outside of her meaningless job, she’s an artist, but she hasn’t aligned her energy with this being a career where she could make a very good living.

What causing her energy blocks around money and her job? If she’s an artist why is she still doing a crappy job that is meaningless to her? Why is she keeping herself small and not aligning her energy with wealth and abundance? When she opens up her energy and aligns herself with what she wants, how will her reality change?

If you want to create more wealth and more abundance in your reality, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has an energy block with both her job and finances.
  • What kind of wealth is she trying to create?
  • Why is her energy stuck?
  • Why do we want to have what we want straightaway?
  • How can she find relief around her job fears?
  • Why do we find ourselves stuck and not getting what we want?
  • She’s an artist, so why isn’t she doing that for a living?
  • Will it negatively affect her family if she has more money?
  • What role does her mom have in her life?
  • Who is she hurting by keeping herself small?
  • Is she holding onto a relationship that not’s right for her?
  • How can she get into the energy of abundance?
  • How can she release her limiting belief that she has to work hard?
  • What can she do to align her energy with being financially successful?

*This call was recorded in December 2018, and LOA Academy enrollment may have already passed.