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  • #364 How Can She Reverse Her Hair Loss With LOA?

#364 How Can She Reverse Her Hair Loss With LOA?


This caller has developed hair loss which is affecting both her self-esteem and her romantic relationships. She feels the hair loss is holding her back, and that her body is now broken. She also feels ugly and undesirable, as well as having feelings of being inadequate because she can’t do the things she’d love to do because of the hair loss. And, although she believes in LOA, she still can’t truly believe that she’s capable of growing her hair back.

Is her hair loss the cause of her low self-esteem? Are our bodies capable of healing themselves naturally? What limiting belief does she have behind her hair loss? Why do we attract negative physical manifestations, and do our bodies have to decline as we get older? And, if she aligns her energy with amazing hair growth will it come back?

If you’ve had a negative physical manifestation that you want an LOA solution to, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has manifested hair loss which is affecting her self-esteem and her relationships?
  • What is this manifestation showing her?
  • Can the body heal itself?
  • Do we have to decline as we get older?
  • How does the hair loss make her feel?
  • How can she release her limiting beliefs behind her hair loss?
  • How can she surrender to her emotions?
  • How can she begin to love herself more?
  • Why does our body develop disease and pain, and how can we communicate with our body?
  • How can she stay aligned with hair growth?
  • How can we speed up the healing of our body?
  • Will traditional medical diagnosis change anytime soon?
  • Will she see hair growth immediately after shifting her energy?