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  • #366 Can A Constructive Anger Release Give Her The Relationship She Wants?

#366 Can A Constructive Anger Release Give Her The Relationship She Wants?


This caller has blocked energy around intimate relationships which she believes is due to the problematic relationship she has with her father. She’s now beginning to feel powerless,¬†and has no trust left that a relationship will manifest. She doesn’t particularly want to be a mother, but if she met a man who loved her and he wanted children she would consider it, but she thinks time is running out and she’ll never have the relationship she wants. This situation is causing her to have a lot of anger, but her anger releases aren’t working because her anger starts to turn into compassion for the men who have in the past treated her badly.

This call is all about getting into a constructive anger release to help shift your blocked energy. If she can get up to a 10 in her anger release can she release the beliefs that are keeping her stuck in a reality where she’s meeting men who aren’t relationship material?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you want to know how to do a constructive anger release that will shift your blocked energy and empower you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller’s energy is blocked around intimate relationships.
  • She believes the problem is her relationship with her father which she doesn’t want to address.
  • She feels powerless and has no trust that manifesting a relationship will happen for her.
  • Can she express intimacy and love without having children with a partner?
  • Does she need to tell her old story to get LOA to work for her?
  • What is the fight, flight and freeze response?
  • Why do we bargain to get what we want?
  • How can she get a constructive anger release to work for her and what will it bring up?
  • Why do people treat us badly?
  • How can she stop blaming herself when someone treats her badly?
  • How can she energetically protect herself to feel safe?
  • Will a constructive anger release make you a violent person?
  • Do people change towards you when you’ve released your anger constructively?