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  • #369 How Can We Find Our Own Identity In Today’s World?

#369 How Can We Find Our Own Identity In Today’s World?


Today’s call is all about our identity and how we view ourselves in the world, from how we look to how we can now showcase our talents to a bigger audience. So, if you’ve ever wondered why we put so much importance on looks, why teenagers behave the way they do, why the world is suddenly selfie obsessed, why being criticized triggers us, if you believe that being old means we have to decline, this call is for you.

And, as an additional bonus, we also discuss ascension, what the real reason is we’re all here and why so many ugly things are now coming into the light. You’re welcome!

If you have a teenager, or you are a teenager, this call is definitely for you.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller has been thinking about her teenage years and how she felt confused during them.
  • As a teenager she started to be super aware of how she looked and what this meant to her.
  • Why have we given so much importance to our appearance?
  • Why do teenagers rebel?
  • Do the “cool kids” have the same pressures as the not so popular kids?
  • Can we find our own identity in today’s world?
  • Why is the world taking so many selfies and food photos?
  • Why do we get triggered when we’re criticized?
  • Are there more opportunities today for us to shine?
  • What’s the best way to deal with a teenager?
  • Are we all waking up now, and what is it we’re here to do?
  • Why are so many ugly things coming into the light now?
  • Have we lived on other planets?
  • What role do animals play?
  • How would it feel to be fully empowered?
  • Does aging mean we have to decline and get sick?