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  • #372 How Can He Realize His Dream Of Being A Successful Drummer?

#372 How Can He Realize His Dream Of Being A Successful Drummer?


This caller knows what he needs to do to get LOA to work in his favor. He can focus on what he wants, he can feel good, happy, and have positive thoughts, he has a belief that he can have what he wants, yet, what he wants isn’t showing up. He gets so frustrated and angry with this situation because he’s doing his part – focusing on what he wants, feeling good, releasing resistance, but the Universe just isn’t bringing him his greatest desire.

He has played the drums from early childhood, and it’s his greatest desire to be a successful drummer; there’s nothing else he wants to do, but his dream just isn’t manifesting. Instead he has a job he hates, where he feels overwhelmed and angry most of the time, and he can’t leave, because it is the source of his income.

If he’s doing LOA right, why isn’t it working for him? Why isn’t the Universe delivering him his greatest desire? Why isn’t he already a successful drummer when his desire is so strong? If he hates his job, why does he have a money block? What resistance does he have to being a drummer, and can he release it?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your greatest desire, no matter how much you focus on it, just isn’t coming into your reality.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller is doing the LOA work, focusing on what he wants, feeling good, etc., but nothing’s showing up.
  • He is so frustrated because he’s doing everything right but the Universe isn’t delivering.
  • Why is waking up a bitch?
  • Is he doing LOA wrong?
  • Will an anger release help to remove his blocks?
  • What limiting belief is behind the reason why he stays in a job he hates?
  • Should we conform in order to have a successful reality?
  • What resistance does he have to being a successful drummer?
  • How can he release his belief around money?
  • Can we turn our resistance into fun?
  • What is the Universe challenging us to do?
  • Should we let our fears stop us from going after what we want?
  • Is quitting a job before getting your money/job vibration in the right place ever a good idea?
  • What happens to our reality when we start to step into our power?