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  • #373 Why Can’t She Attract A High Quality Guy?

#373 Why Can’t She Attract A High Quality Guy?


This caller, who’s now in her 40’s, still hasn’t manifested the romantic relationship that she wants. She’s dated over the years, but the connection she’s looking for hasn’t shown up in her reality, which is beginning to concern her, because she has a belief that she’s running out of time due to her age. The guys she has been meeting, tick some of her boxes, but they don’t possess some important qualities that are more of a match to her own personality.

Now that she is in her 40’s, is she really running out of time to manifest the guy she wants? Why are men showing up in her reality that are not a full match to what she wants? What qualities is she really looking for in a guy? And, what limiting beliefs are behind the fact that a high quality guy isn’t showing up for her?

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller wants to experience love in a┬áromantic relationship.
  • She’s middle aged, and so far, she hasn’t experienced the relationship she truly wants.
  • Is she really middle aged now that she’s in her 40’s?
  • Is she running out of time to have what you wants?
  • What type of guys are showing up in her reality?
  • Why isn’t she manifesting a guy who ticks all of her boxes?
  • What qualities is she looking for in a guy?
  • How can she align her energy with a high quality guy?
  • How can she release the discomfort she feels being with the man of her dreams?
  • What does an open and authentic relationship look like?
  • Can she manifest a guy who will accept her just the way she is?
  • How can she own and release her insecurities?
  • Why do people in a relationship fight?
  • Why can’t we manifest from a place of need?
  • Do we manifest our reality or do we just experience random events?