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  • #374 How Can She Align Her Energy With An Easier Life?

#374 How Can She Align Her Energy With An Easier Life?


This caller knows what she needs to do to keep her vibration in alignment, but because she has a hectic life she finds it’s difficult to keep her focus where it needs to be so that LOA can work for her. Because she is so ┬ábusy she finds herself getting anxious and exhausted, which is coupled with a sense of sadness and not belonging. What she wants more than anything is to have an easy life, especially at work, but both her father are her boyfriend are connected to her job, which means quitting isn’t something she feels she can do.

Why can’t she make her life easier? Does a busy life mean you can’t focus on what you want to manifest? What desire is hidden behind her longing for an easier life? If she leaves her job is she responsible for what might happen, either positive or negative, to her father and boyfriend? Can she shine her own light and still get what she wants?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you want LOA to work for you, but you’re finding it difficult to keep your focus on what you want because of where your current reality is.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller is having issues focusing on her LOA work.
  • She has a busy life so sometimes it’s difficult for her to keep her vibration in alignment.
  • Is there a right and wrong way to focus on what you want?
  • Why does she feel like she doesn’t belong?
  • Why are we scared of the unknown?
  • How can we control our sense of time?
  • What can she do to release the sadness she feels?
  • How can she find time to meditate and focus?
  • How can she align her energy with quitting her current job?
  • Is she in control of what her father is manifesting?
  • How can she quit her job and make it a win-win for both herself and her father?
  • How can she take her mind out of the prison it’s in?
  • Will her family benefit from her shining her own light?
  • How can she show herself just how powerful she is?
  • How does time co-operate with us?