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  • #376 How Does A Constructive Anger Release Help With Negative Energy?

#376 How Does A Constructive Anger Release Help With Negative Energy?


This caller is stuck in a pattern of depression, shame, and manipulation.¬†She’s tried working herself into anger to shift these patterns, but this just leaves her with a feeling of guilt. Her childhood was full of chaos due to abuse and she’s realized she’s still stuck in this emotional turmoil even though she’s now 44. She’s had therapy for her drinking and to work through her emotions, but this method of healing isn’t working for her, because it focuses too much on her powerlessness. She’s come to the end of staying stuck where she is, something has to give; something has to work.

This caller is very much in need of a constructive anger release to get her out of this cycle of doom of depression, shame, manipulation, and suppressing anger. So, during this call we picked a real life situation where she felt anger towards a co-worker, but she hadn’t yet worked on releasing it constructively. Will a constructive anger release work for her?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re ready to release your anger in a constructive powerful way.

Topics covered in this call:

    • This caller has been following the same pattern for a long time and now she feels stuck.
    • She’s stuck between depression, shame and manipulation and therapy hasn’t helped.
    • She also tried getting angry but this leaves her with a feeling of guilt instead.
    • Why hasn’t therapy worked for her?
    • What is anger management?
    • Where does alcoholism come from?
    • Is she physically or emotionally attached to alcohol?
    • If she works on her energy will her urge for drinking stop?
    • Why is she still stuck in the cycle of doom?
    • How can she release her anger constructively towards her co-worker?
    • When do you set a boundary in real life once you’ve done an anger release?
    • Should we try to intellectually work out our anger releases?
    • How deep can you go in a constructive anger release?
    • Why do we see growth when we manifest negative situations?
    • Is our imagination a powerful tool?