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  • #379 How Can She Start To See People In Their Own Power?

#379 How Can She Start To See People In Their Own Power?


This caller’s ex is still living with her 4 years after they broke up. He can’t afford to move out because he is financially dependent on her. She doesn’t want to abandon him (although she desperately wants to have her home to herself), as he’s also ill and she’s afraid he will try to commit suicide. She’s also successfully manifested her dream apartment in her dream location, but she thinks she might lose it because she hasn’t yet manifested the money she needs to keep it in her reality.

This caller is very self-aware and advanced with her LOA knowledge and she believes she’s attracting these types of situations because of her childhood and how her emotions from her childhood are still hanging around.

Is she obligated to look after her ex partner? What is the best way to help someone so that it becomes a win-win for both parties? Is her childhood responsible for her current manifestations?  How can she see her ex partner in his power? And, how do we attract the money we need into our reality?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you feel a sense of responsibility for someone else, and also if you want to attract more money into your reality.

Topics covered in this call:

  • 4 years after this caller broke up with her ex-partner he is still living with her.
  • He’s still with her because he’s financially dependent on her.
  • He’s also ill so she doesn’t want to abandon him while he needs her.
  • She believes her childhood has caused these unwanted manifestations but is this true?
  • Do we create limiting beliefs on purpose?
  • What is the behavior of a rescuer?
  • How do we attract money into our reality?
  • What is the best way to help someone?
  • How can she see herself having a successful coaching business?
  • Where do we focus to engage with our power?
  • How can we trust in the process?
  • How can we see people in their own power?
  • How can we stop focusing on a negative outcome?
  • Do we have to clean up our past before we can create the reality we want?
  • Can we screw up our reality?