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  • #384 Why Isn’t Her Current Relationship Working For Her?

#384 Why Isn’t Her Current Relationship Working For Her?


This caller is well into LOA and she can see that it’s working for her, but she’s sensing that something is missing. For the first time, she’s in a healthy relationship but it doesn’t have the passion and excitement she’s looking for. One thing that attracts her in a relationship is the ability from the other person to make her laugh, and as nice as this guy is, he doesn’t have that ability, although this relationship is a massive step up from her previous one which was abusive.

Listen in as I walk through with this caller what a healthy relationship looks like, and why we have to align our energy to the relationship we want before it can manifest into our reality. So, once she’s aligned her energy, can she get what she wants from this particular guy? Maybe, maybe not; but, what’s more important, getting what you want, or the person that it comes from?

This call is for you if you’re looking for that relationship that gives you everything that you want from it.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller is seeing that LOA is working for her but she feels that something is missing.
  • She’s in her first healthy relationship but she doesn’t feel super passionate or excited about it.
  • Is she aligning her energy with the relationship she wants?
  • Can she get what she wants from her current partner?
  • Does someone leaving your reality have to be a devastating thing?
  • How can she energetically build the relationship that she wants?
  • Should she let him go before she does the energy work?
  • Do we have to settle in a relationship?
  • Can she release her limiting belief about other people’s children?
  • What does a healthy relationship look like?
  • Is marriage a good idea?
  • How can she intend the relationship that she wants?
  • Why don’t our fantasies come to life?
  • Why has this relationship suited her up to now?
  • Is there a big boss/end boss (levels) in this game of life?

*Blog post mentioned during the call: https://melodyfletcher.com/2014/03/20/dear-loa-why-dont-our-fantasies-simply-manifest/