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  • #386 How Can She Be Comfortable Showing Up As Herself?

#386 How Can She Be Comfortable Showing Up As Herself?


This caller has shifted a lot of energy, but more stuff is coming up for her, especially a fear around relationships, both romantic ones and friendships. She wants to meet people who are super into LOA, but when she arranged a meet-up it fell apart. Meeting LOA people is what she wants more than meeting up with Muggles. During the call we learn that she has regained a lot of the weight she had previously lost and that she doesn’t want to show up looking the way she looks right now, because of what people will think of her.

Why isn’t she a match to meeting up with LOA people? Why is meeting LOA people more important to her than meeting Muggles? What is behind her fear and does it have anything to do with her LOA beliefs and her weight gain?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you want to learn how to show up as you, without fear.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller has shifted a lot of energy but she had more stuff come up.
  • She has a fear, but she doesn’t know what that fear is.
  • What would she have that she doesn’t have now, if she were to connect with like-minded people?
  • Can she be herself around a Muggle?
  • Why does she feel like a failure?
  • Has her weight gain caused her fear?
  • Can we prove our beliefs?
  • Can we still have our beliefs even if we can’t prove them?
  • Is self-improvement a work-in-progress?
  • Do we have to explain ourselves to others?
  • Can we prove someone’s power if they are a non-believer?
  • How do we create?
  • What does it mean to be authentic?
  • What happens when we show up authentically with a person who hates?
  • What questions can we ask to have a connected conversation?