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  • #387 How Can She Validate Her Younger Self?

#387 How Can She Validate Her Younger Self?


This caller came on the call talking about weight loss and how she’s lost 40 lbs following a vegan diet. It was all going really well for her, but she’s now starting to crave certain foods again. She wants to continue her weight loss journey, so in the call we explored what she would have that she doesn’t have now if she was thinner. And, oh boy, do some things come up for her!!

Although this call starts with us talking about weight loss and why dieting and food can actually make us fatter, once we delved into what the energy behind her weight gain is all about we find that she’s carrying a lot of emotional trauma around feeling trapped and wanting to die. We also discovered a lot of her energy is being blocked by her childhood memories, and this is what we work on today, releasing those memories and moving into the emotional reality she wants.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to heal and validate your younger-self, this call is for you.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller has lost 40lbs by going vegan, but now she’s craving certain foods again.
  • Is weight loss contributed to the food we eat?
  • Why does dieting make people fatter?
  • What can a craving for food mean energetically?
  • Is it wrong for humans to eat meat?
  • What’s a good thing about having extra weight on the body?
  • What will she have that she doesn’t have now if she was thinner?
  • What happens when she imagines herself as a mother?
  • How can she release her feelings of wanting to be dead?
  • What does she really want?
  • Does she have to fix herself?
  • How can she align her energy with meeting new friends?
  • How can she release her childhood memories that are blocking her energy?
  • Do other people get to decide if we are good enough or not?
  • Can we accept ourselves just the way we are?
  • How can we be more honest with children?
  • Can we find common ground with someone or do we have to win against them?