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  • #388 How Can She Learn To Trust The Process Of Creating Her Own Reality?

#388 How Can She Learn To Trust The Process Of Creating Her Own Reality?


This caller is going through some significant changes. She’s being threatened with being evicted from her apartment due to smoke damage and she’s recently ended two relationships that she was involved in. Although she kind of understands what these changes are about, she wants to be sure she’s aligning her actions correctly to do the things she needs to do to get the reality she wants.

Why is she experiencing these changes right now? What process is she going through and what is the Universe showing her? Is taking action the right thing for her to do right now? Why does she need to trust the process more, and how does she actually do this when things around her aren’t running as smoothly as she’d like them to be?

This call is for you if things in your reality aren’t going the way you want them to and you’re struggling to believe that creating your reality is a real thing.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller isn’t valuing herself and she’s not taking her rightful place in the world.
  • She’s going through a lot of changes recently that feel painful to her.
  • Why is she experiencing these changes?
  • What is she cleaning out in her energy field?
  • How can we stop the suffering when things change?
  • Does our power lie in our actions?
  • Why should we allow ourselves to rest mentally?
  • What is ego-death and how should we best handle it?
  • How is life like the four weather seasons?
  • How can she learn to trust the process more?
  • What should we look for when someone is giving us advice?
  • How can she align her energy with what she wants?