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  • #389 How Can She See Herself As More Attractive?

#389 How Can She See Herself As More Attractive?


This caller is feeling touch-deprived. There’s not a lot of physical contact happening for her, either from friendships or sexually from people. However, when we delved deeper into her beliefs it came to light that she doesn’t find herself all that attractive when she’s in her natural state, in other words, when she’s not groomed. She doesn’t believe that a man she would want will want to be with her when she’s all natural, with no makeup, being sweaty, and doing the so-called gross things that us humans do. She believes unless she’s at her very best at all times, how can she be lovable?

Is she unattractive when she’s not looking her best? Can she only ever be truly loved if she’s fully groomed? Will someone love her when she’s in her natural state? More importantly, can she love herself?

Listen in to find our more!

This call is for you if you’re looking at yourself and finding fault with how you look.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller is feeling touched deprived because she’s not getting enough physical contact from people.
  • When she has physical contact, she feels she’s liked more by people.
  • Why does she feel uncomfortable being hugged by some people?
  • How can she release her belief that there’s something wrong with her if she doesn’t want to engage with someone?
  • Why does she think she’s unattractive?
  • Why is her body sweating more than she wants it to?
  • How can she raise her vibration enough to see a man loving her when she’s grooming herself?
  • Why is another person attracted to us?
  • Has our identity changed when we’re not looking our best?
  • Who decides that we are ok without looking our best?
  • How can she imagine herself being with a man she actually wants to be with?
  • Can we control how people see us?
  • What story should we tell ourselves?