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  • #390 Getting An Amazing Guy/Being A Successful LOA Coach

#390 Getting An Amazing Guy/Being A Successful LOA Coach


We discussed two issues in today’s call. Relationships and her desire to be a LOA coach.

This caller has recently reconnected with her ex. It’s an on again-off again relationship which manifests into a lot of emotional indecision for her and it’s not meeting her emotional needs. But, she keeps getting back together with him. She’s very LOA aware and she knows he’s gaslighting her, but she keeps the relationship going, not because she wants to be with him and no-one else, but because she enjoys those few and far in between good times with him.

Why is she manifesting a boyfriend who gaslights her? Why isn’t she with a guy who she can share lots of good times with? And, why is she allowing herself to settle for a guy who isn’t amazing?

She also wants to be a LOA coach, but she believes she won’t be successful, because she’s not yet manifesting everything she should be manifesting to coach other people. But, does she need to be living a perfect life to be a LOA coach? Can she coach people and still have her own journey to follow? Do coaches still have things to experience and learn?

Listen in to find our more!

This call is for you if you’re allowing yourself to be in a relationship that’s not awesome, and if, you’re still looking for your perfect job.

Topics covered in this call:

  • She wants to be a LOA coach but she’s having trouble with this LOA stuff.
  • She’s recently learned that her on again-off again boyfriend slept with her best friend during one of their break-ups.
  • Why is her boyfriend the gift that keeps on giving?
  • Why is he gaslighting her?
  • How can she take responsibility (not blame) for her boyfriend gaslighting her?
  • Why is she not allowing affection into her life?
  • How can she align her energy with an amazing guy who adores her?
  • Does anyone have to settle in a relationship?
  • Why does she believe she’s not good enough for an amazing guy?
  • Do we have to be perfect all the time?
  • How can we accept the process of perfect timing for our manifestations?
  • Why are our challenges scary?
  • How can she become a successful LOA coach?
  • How can we learn to allow things consciously?
  • When are we in our power?
  • What is desperation?
  • When do your manifestations become the next logical thing to happen?
  • How can we enjoy where we are right now?
  • When is the right time to coach someone?