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  • #391 How Can She Achieve Inner Peace & Clarity Outside of Meditation?

#391 How Can She Achieve Inner Peace & Clarity Outside of Meditation?


This caller feels as if she’s living in two different worlds. When she goes into meditation, she can feel her body healing, and she experiences inner peace and clarity, but once she’s back in her daily life she feels very different. She then becomes anxious and overwhelmed. The mediation has helped her to have relief from her physical pain as well as given her insights into new ideas and projects. It’s also helped her to no longer believe that her body has betrayed her, however her anger is now directed towards her guides and the unfairness of her physical condition. What’s she wants now though is to have that inner peace and clarity at all times; she no longer wants to feel the anxiety and overwhelm that she feels in her day-to-day life.

Is 24/7 inner peace and clarity possible? What’s really happening when we feel anxious and overwhelmed. What can she do to help ease her anxiety and overwhelm in her everyday reality?

Listen in to find our more!

This call is for you if you want to learn to live in your everyday reality knowing that, no-matter what appears to be going wrong, you can still experience peace and clarity.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller is mediating and it’s helping her to feel into her healing light.
  • She’s has feelings that her body has betrayed her, but the mediation has helped her to see her body differently.
  • She now wants to have inner peace and clarity outside of the mediation too.
  • Can we achieve inner peace and clarity at all times?
  • Why does it help when our limitations show up?
  • Why should we step into our physical/emotional discomfort?
  • Can we listen and hear our body?
  • How can we affect change in the world?
  • Are anger releases good for you?
  • Has the world become more aware?
  • Can we look at negative news and see a different perspective?
  • Do we create new dark energy or limiting beliefs?
  • How do we get in touch with our guides?
  • Can tarot cards be helpful?
  • Is her physical condition the gift that keeps on giving?