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  • #393 Can She Release Her Limiting Beliefs About Being A Successful Actress?

#393 Can She Release Her Limiting Beliefs About Being A Successful Actress?


This caller is well into her journey with LOA, but now her desires are getting bigger and bigger and she’s starting to feel intimidated by them. Normally, she can remain positive and optimistic with getting what she wants but because her desires are now so big, she’s doubting if she can get them to manifest into her reality. She’s also realizing that how she is spending her day-to-day life, especially with her job, is no longer working for her and this is bringing her vibration down. Her big desire is to get back into acting which she did many years ago before she gave it up when she moved to the UK; she also wants to combine acting with being a photographic artist.

What is the essence of what she wants? Why do her desires feel intimidating? Are her desires too big for her to manifest them into her reality? And what beliefs are stopping her desires becoming a reality?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your desires feel too big to you to be able to manifest them into your reality.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller’s desires are beginning to feel intimidating because they feel too big to her.
  • Due to how big they are she’s not sure how she can get them to manifest.
  • She’s no longer satisfied with her day-to-day job and she wants to get back into acting/being a photographic artist.
  • Why did she give up acting 14 years ago?
  • What are her limiting beliefs about returning to acting?
  • Are we now moving into an era of authenticity?
  • Why is she talking herself out of her desires?
  • What beliefs are stopping her from becoming a successful actress?
  • What’s the difference between being arrogant and being confident?
  • How can she see herself as a beautiful actress regardless of how she looks?
  • Do you have to be Hollywood-beautiful to be successful in the acting world?
  • Is beauty holistic?
  • Can she feel like a star before she becomes a star?
  • How can she learn to take a compliment?
  • How can she align her energy with leaving her current job?
  • How can she show up as herself?
  • How can we find our unexpressed desires?
  • Can life be full of magic moments?