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  • #394 How Can She Align Her Energy With Quality Friendships?

#394 How Can She Align Her Energy With Quality Friendships?


This caller wants to work on her loneliness. In the past few years her friendships have somewhat dissolved, and currently she has no close friendships. This is also the same for romantic relationships, where she hasn’t dated anyone for over a year now. She wants to get back into dating, but she knows she has a lot of fear to release, especially with her extended family knowing that she’s gay, before she can put yourself out there again and find the quality friendships/relationships she wants.

What’s behind her fear about friendships/relationships? Does she need to take time away from people to release those fears? How can she align her energy with the types of connections she wants? And, can she release her fear of what her family will think of her if they know she’s gay?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re struggling to form the friendships or relationships that you want.

Topics covered in this call:

    • This caller isn’t experiencing any close friendships and she’s feeling lonely.
    • She’s also not dated anyone for over a year.
    • Why do we need to align our vibration with what we want?
    • Do we need to stay away from people to align our energy?
    • Do our limiting beliefs have layers?
    • What type of friends does she want?
    • How can she set boundaries within her friendships?
    • What is the definition of a needy friend?
    • How can she release her grief when someone leaves her reality?
    • Who gets to choose how we show up outside of a relationship?
    • How can she release her resistance of losing herself when she’s in a relationship?
    • Can she release her fears about her extended family knowing she’s gay?
    • Why does she need people to like her?
    • Where is all her power?
    • How can she keep her energy stable around a family member?
    • Why is the LGBT community being challenged?