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  • #396 How Can She Release Her Feeling of Never Enough?

#396 How Can She Release Her Feeling of Never Enough?


This caller wants to align her energy with more money. Her current reality is that she has money coming in that’s covering her bills, but she’s not left with much after that. This feeling of lack is a common theme for her that stems from her childhood where she always felt like there was never enough. She grew up in a family where money was in short supply, with her father being the person who spent it unwisely.

What limiting beliefs are behind her feeling of never enough? Has her childhood, especially with her father, had an effect on how she can manifest money now as an adult? And, how can she release her childhood belief that she doesn’t have enough?

This call is for you if you want to release a feeling of never enough, to be able to then attract what you want into your reality.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller’s expenditure is like for like. What’s coming in, is going out on bills.
  • She’s not in dire straits, but she would like to have more.
  • Should we acknowledge when we have enough money to survive on?
  • Is her husband’s income also her manifestation?
  • How do we avoid being deluded when working with LOA?
  • What limiting belief is behind her lack of money?
  • Do incremental goals help to raise our vibration?
  • How can she release her feeling of never enough?
  • What is the reason that someone is a martyr?
  • What is unconditional love?
  • As a teenager, did she cause her family’s poor financial situation?
  • Is it selfish to take care of ourselves first?
  • How can she get into the feeling of opulence?
  • How can she release her feelings about her dad?
  • Do we manifest our own reality?
  • What is the hardest part working with LOA?